Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

Registered Name: Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

Business Number: 782671697RR0001

   The Canadian Polar Bear Habitat is a results and action driven research and education centre that unites and inspires people to learn more about polar bears, their care and conservation.

   The Canadian Polar Bear Habitat the only human care facility in the world dedicated solely to polar bears. With seven hectares of pristine, natural environment categorized as sub-arctic, the Habitat also features the world’s largest enclosed lake, which provides an ice platform for up to seven months of the year.

   We are here for the bears. We know the best place for polar bears is their natural environment in the wild, but we are committed to raising the standard of care for the bears that could not survive there. If polar bears have to be in human care, our staff and supporters deserve to be justified in the reasons for doing so. Knowing we are learning as much as we can, while actively improving their lives, compels our passionate mission.

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