Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

Registered Name: Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

Business Number: 782671697RR0001

The Canadian Polar Bear Habitat is the only facility of its kind in the world. 

In addition to offering a sanctuary for polar bears in human care, we also provide unique research opportunities for scientists.  The bears who live here would not survive in the wild. And while we strive to offer them a home as close to wild as possible, we also recognize the importance of learning as much as we can from them. 

The research conducted at the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat improves the standard of care for other polar bears in human care. It also advances scientific knowledge about the species, allowing researchers to understand more about individuals in wild populations.  The work that we do contributes to the long-term survival of polar bears in a changing Arctic climate.

Our 24 acres of pristine, natural environment are currently home to Ganuk, Inukshuk, Henry, and Eddy. 

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