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Our Vision - A world without skin cancer

Our Mission – The CSCF is dedicated to the elimination of skin cancers through education, awareness, advocacy and research.

CSCF educates Canadians through our  GOSAFE SUN SAFETY EDUCATION PROGRAM

The GoSafe Sun Safety Education Program offers interactive presentations given by university students who demonstrate a commitment to health promotion and prevention within the community.

The program is an in-class information session, supplemented by online teaching tools, focused on promoting safe sun attitudes and behaviors in children and young adults. The program focuses on exploring scientific information about skin cancers, prevention techniques, the ABCDE’s of early detection and the dangers of artificial tanning.

 Our program is targeted at elementary, junior high and high school students and aims to have a positive impact on future attitudes and behaviors related to skin cancer awareness and sun safety.  Early education regarding sun safety has been studied and proven to decrease the number of sunburns in children and have a positive impact on future decisions concerning sun safety.

Furthermore, the early detection of skin cancers, particularly Melanoma, provides the best opportunity for successful treatment. While skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, it is also one of the most preventable.

 The goal of our GoSafe Sun Safety Education Program is to reduce the occurrence of skin cancer in Canada and to ultimately eliminate skin cancers through education, awareness and advocacy.


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