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Our Vision - A world without skin cancer                                             

Our MissionTo prevent and eradicate skin cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research.

What We DoEliminate future skin cancers with our GoSafe Sun Safety Education Program

          Our GoSafe Sun Safety Education program is an in-class information session, delivered in partnership with volunteers from local Universities and Colleges, focused on promoting safe sun attitudes and behaviors in children and young adults. Presenters explore scientific information about skin cancers, along with prevention techniques, the ABCDE’s of early detection and the dangers of artificial tanning.

          Developed for children in grades 5 & 6, we aim to change future attitudes and behaviors related to skin cancer awareness and sun safety. Early education regarding sun safety has been studied and proven to decrease the number of sunburns in children, positively impacting future decisions concerning sun safety.

What People Are Saying

"As a nursing student, I knew it would be a great opportunity that contributes to my skills in educating individuals in the community! It would also help me enhance my communication skills with a different age population like younger children! "

— Volunteer from University of Lethbridge

"I think many people may not know that Skin Cancer has very easy prevention steps, or how to check for potential skin cancer on their body. I enjoy sharing this valuable knowledge within my community, local classrooms and loved ones."

— Volunteer from University of Alberta

"I was always under the impression I didn't need sunscreen because I tanned so easily. Boy, was I wrong! Now I think it's great I get to dispel myths that directly affected my thinking. Having fun in the sun is still my favorite thing, I just protect myself now."

— Volunteer from University of Alberta

"Within the last year, my uncle was diagnosed and treated for skin cancer. It encourages me to be more vigilant about my own sun safety and pass the information I’ve learned from this organization to others."

— Volunteer from MacEwan University

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