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Hurricane Maria

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2018

No calm after the hurricanes for Caribbean’s poorest children

With Hurricane Maria and other tropical storms having swept through the Caribbean, the number of children in need could rise with damage assessments still underway in the hardest-hit areas.

Working closely with the Government, UN agencies and NGO partners, UNICEF is on the ground and has already deployed additional staff and humanitarian supplies. The supplies include water purification tablets, school-in-a-box kits, early childhood development kits, school bags, tents and tarpaulin, teaching supplies, as well as hygiene and comfort kits for affected children and families.

“I have lived in this house with my mother and two sisters for more than 8 years. Now the house seems cleaner but right after the hurricane everything was wet and destroyed,” says 15-year-old Katy Sabrina Estime. “The water system is not working, so we have to fetch water from a container up the hill. It is dirty and yellow, so we have to put bleach in. We are mainly using it for washing and cleaning but we are running out of water and we don’t have enough money to buy drinking water.”

Help UNICEF's efforts to help children and their families in the Caribbean during hurricane season by donating to UNICEF's Emergency Fund.

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