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Support children and families affected by war in Ukraine


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Support children and families affected by war in Ukraine

The children and families of Ukraine have suffered devastation and displacement since the war escalated in February 2022. UNICEF is working non-stop to ensure children affected by the war have access to safe water, healthcare services, education and other critical support.

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Children are caught in the ongoing hostilities while schools, hospitals and other civilian infrastructure continue to be damaged or destroyed. Approximately 6.3 million children urgently need humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.

Nearly half of all students in Ukraine struggle to receive an education. School closures and limited access to online resources have slowed academic progress for many children. Hundreds of thousands of young children are not attending preschool, missing out on learning opportunities essential to their development.

The weakened health system makes children more vulnerable to disease. Ukraine now has one of the world’s highest rates of under-vaccinated children.

Nearly two-thirds of Ukraine’s children have been forced to flee their homes. Some have fled alone, exposing them to abuse, abduction, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Fear, anxiety and grief associated with violence, loss of loved ones, separation from family, and displacement persist in children’s daily lives, leaving them struggling to cope.

How UNICEF is responding to the war in Ukraine

UNICEF is working tirelessly in Ukraine and at the borders of neighbouring countries, providing children and families with safe water, child protection, healthcare and education. We have been at the forefront of the humanitarian response since the conflict started in 2014, and we are well-positioned to respond to the growing crisis.

We have expertise in responding to emergencies and have staff, field offices and partners across Ukraine.

With the help of our donors and partners, UNICEF has helped:

· 1.8 million children in Ukraine access formal or non-formal education;

· 3.4 million children and caregivers in Ukraine access mental health and psychosocial support;

· 5.5 million people in Ukraine access safe water for drinking and domestic needs.

How your donation will help children in Ukraine

Your generous donation to UNICEF’s Ukraine Emergency Fund will help:

· Provide 5.3 million women and children with access to healthcare;

· Reach 5.7 million people with safe drinking water;

· Provide 1.2 million children with access to formal or non-formal education, including early learning;

· Provide 4.3 million children and caregivers with mental health and psychosocial support.

In the event that UNICEF receives more funds than required to respond to this crisis, your gift will help support UNICEF’s work for children around the world, wherever the need is greatest.