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Our goal is to improve environmental, nutritional, educational and health outcomes in India and provide assistance for Ukrainian Refugees




Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally Charity improves the lives of vulnerable people throughout India and provides worldwide disaster relief in Ukraine and Pakistan. We're passionate about supporting societal change in underserved communities in conjunction with the needs our charitable affiliates in India and worldwide.  An overview of our programs include reforestation, nutrition, education, health care, and emergency relief. We're all volunteers and these programs are facilitated by volunteers and supporters within Canada and around the world. We have active campaigns supporting:


We strive to build self-reliance and confidence for everyone through our International Development Programs in India, Ukraine and Pakistan. Our vision is to build safe, inclusive, engaged and empowered communities through impactful initiatives that respect the needs of our charitable colleagues internationally. Our vision includes the opportunity for volunteers to experience the personal and professional transformation that being charitable offers.

Charity Description:

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is a Canadian volunteer-based humanitarian organization established in 2013. We provide humanitarian services to underserved people by donating medicines and medical equipment, nutrition, educational scholarships and equipment, trees and disaster relief support throughout India and worldwide.  Our current humanitarian crisis appeals support refugees from Ukraine and disaster relief in Pakistan.

Our organization is facilitated entirely by volunteers, and every donation is invested directly and impact-fully supporting International Development in India and around the world. Some of our impactful initiatives are highlighted below:

Support For India:

Our Health Programs in India offer accessibility to advanced medical care and works to relieve the effects of poverty by donating medicines, vitamins and medical equipment. We support local charitable hospitals through our donations as well as free medical outreach in disadvantaged communities.

Our Nutrition Programs in India improve health and help relieve the effects of poverty by providing food and basic supplies that support nutrition for local underserved people.

Our free Community Medical Programs offer medical supplies and health care to over 400 rural villages throughout south India that have little access to health services.

Our Education Programs in India support education by donating student scholarships and educational equipment to local schools, colleges and institutes. We also donate educational materials including books, periodicals, smart boards, computers, lab equipment and other teaching aids. Educational scholarships are granted to the most deserving yet underserved students in critical situations.

Support for Ukraine - Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is providing aid in and around Ukraine for people impacted by the current escalation of hostilities including missile strikes.  We're supporting teams on the ground with food, water, medical supplies, emergency shelter support, psychological support, and providing mobile health units. Join our Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal to support the international Ukrainian response! 

After a series of missile strikes across Ukraine last Monday which reached as far west as Lviv, we're stepping stepping up our efforts to respond to the humanitarian needs of the situation. Emergency responders are working around the clock to provide first aid, distribute food and hygiene kits, evacuate people from damaged buildings, and other urgent assistance. 

The latest attacks have damaged civilian infrastructure and many buildings. With winter approaching, our colleagues are working with local communities to provide additional generators, boilers, and building materials to restore damaged homes. With hospitals impacted, we are also providing support to ensure those in need can continue to receive medical care.

Once again, thank you for your support for our Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. With your help, our colleagues supported four Mobile Health Clinics to provide medical assistance to remote areas of the Cherkasy Oblast, filling healthcare gaps where infrastructure has been damaged. Hundreds of people have been helped in just our first few weeks of operations, including many who are unable to travel to receive care. This of course, is just one of the many ways your gift is making a difference.

This is the kind of work that is possible because of your support and the generosity of donors like you, who enable us to contribute to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Thank you very much for your continued support in the face of such tragedy.

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