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Free Community Health Programs - Double The Donation !

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Free Community Health Programs - Double The Donation !

Support Free Community Health Programs in India.*  We'll Double Your donation To Further Your Impact!


The Vellore and Thiruvanamalai Districts of Tamil Nadu, South India have many underserved pockets scattered within cities, including Vellore, as well as the surrounding countryside.  Hunger and general poverty are worsened by a lack of accessible quality health care.  There is a substantial increase in health risks including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, blood diseases including Covid, insect borne diseases including malaria and dengue fever, and diseases worsened by poverty.  Lack of quality nutrition is one of the contributing factors to disease for children and adults in the underserved areas we reach out to.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide mobile medical services through local South Indian Hospitals, including The Sri Narayani Hospital and it's affiliates. Free Community Health Programs improve health and resiliency by donating medicines, vitamins, minerals and medical disposables for 6 months of free community health outreach programs.  The programs serve disadvantaged people and are in conjunction with existing programs offered by local hospitals in India.  The Community Health Program consists of a team of doctors, nurses and medical students travelling by bus and van to rural and urban neighbourhoods to over 30 villages in South India on an annual basis.  


The Free Community Health Programs specialize on commonly diagnosed health concerns in the local areas.  Each Health Program will have a medical theme and the associated specialized doctors and nurses will attend. Medical screening could focus on high blood pressure, diabetes, gynecology, bone density, ophthalmology or specialized medical conditions prevalent in the local areas we serve. Primary treatments include free vitamins, minerals and common prescriptions for common local diseases.  The programs we support help neighbourhoods and villages which generally have little access to regular medical treatment and very little access to free medical care.  All of the results of the consultations are recorded and each individual will eventually develop a fairly complete health record. The medical team provides free primary medical diagnosis and treatments including early medical screening to all, regardless of faith, class or economic status. 

How Can This Program be Supported?

Each outreach program costs approximately C$750 for the medicines, vitamins, and minerals required. The total cost of our outreach is anticipated to be C$9000 for 12 monthly visits to disadvantaged communities.  Your donation will directly purchase the much needed medicines, vitamins, and minerals to support our life-saving work.

Please consider donating to support free Double The Donation Community Health Programs in South India so that we may advance awareness and reduce illness from disease!

*Donations will be matched when made through Canada Helps to a total of C$4500 until December 31, 2023

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