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South India Food Fund - Double The Donation!*

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South India Food Fund - Double The Donation!*

South India Food Fund - Double The Donation!*

We'll Double Your Donation!*  Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally has responded to the hunger caused by systemic poverty by donating food supplies to families in South India. Our focus is to provide remote Indigenous peoples, itinerant families, rural families, and disadvantaged urban families with additional nutrition and a good, solid meal. 

Please consider helping underserved families with your gift that allows Canadians Sharing to buy and distribute food directly to people and poverty struck families.


The Vellore and Thiruvanamalai Districts of Tamil Nadu, South India have many underserved pockets scattered within cities, including Vellore, as well as the surrounding countryside.  Hunger and general poverty are worsened by a lack of accessible quality health care.  Due to inadequate nutrition there is also a substantial increase in health risks including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, blood diseases including Covid, insect borne diseases including malaria and dengue fever, and diseases worsened by poverty.  Lack of quality nutrition is one of the contributing factors towards the outcome of disease for children and adults in the underserved areas we reach out to.

Our Goal

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally's role is to carry out charitable activities in India and in disaster struck areas of the world.  We work with existing local registered charities and donate food to augment the nutritional programs operated by local registered charities in South India.  Canadians Sharing directly purchases and donates commonly required food items that are either distributed directly to people or prepared and served by our charity colleagues. 


We supply food ingredients to local outreach programs in the Vellore and Tiruvannamalai Districts at various locations.  Location may be determined by disaster relief, Indigenous outreach, underserved pockets of urban people and destitute street people with disabilities. Common food supplies purchased and donated include rice, dahl, wheat, oil, tamarind and spices in order to needful people and families.  Our charity colleagues provide the distribution, locations, preparation and whatever else is required to deliver the food to whomever requires it the most. A generous all-one-can-eat meal costs as little as C$1.50 for the food ingredients!

Donate food to desperate families suffering with the effects of poverty in India. Double The Donation For  The South Indian Food Fund.  

Canadians Sharing Locally and Globally is a volunteer organization and your donation TODAY will go immediately and directly to buy food through our South India Food Fund - Double The Donation

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*Donations made through Canada Helps will be matched to a total aggregate of C$5000 until Dec 31, 2023