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Community Health Outreach Programs in Vellore District, South India

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

We want to provide the medicines, vitamins, minerals and disposables for 6 months of free rural community health outreach camps.  A Rural Community Health Outreach Program consists of a team of doctors, nurses and medical students travelling to neighbourhoods and remote villages to provide free primary treatments and screening. Each outreach program costs approximately C$800, depending on the type of medical outreach, for the medicines, vitamins, minerals and disposables. The total cost of our outreach will be C$4800 for 6 monthly visits to a rural indigenous village.  Your donation will purchase much needed medicines, vitamins, minerals to help complete this life-saving work.

We support Rural Community Health Outreach Programs for neighbourhoods and rural populations in conjunction with The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center in Vellore District, South India.  Screening is often for high blood pressure, diabetes, gynecology, bone density, ophthalmology and can also include specialized medical departments. Primary treatments include free vitamins, minerals and common prescriptions for common local diseases.  Neighbourhoods and  villagers generally have little access to regular medical treatment and no access to free medical care.  Serious complications of disease are referred back to the Sri Narayani Hospital, often on a free or subsidized fee structure. The motto of the Sri Narayani Hospital is "Service With Love", which can be seen everywhere through the doctors, nurses, technicians and staff and in the care patients receive.  The outreach camps visit over 400 indigenous villages on a regular basis as well as numerous urban neighbourhoods without adequate health screening.

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