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Hospital Equipment Fund for South India

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Hospital Equipment Fund for South India

Help save lives, prevent needless deaths and limit the spread of disease by donating to our Emergency  Fund.  Help Indian hospitals cope with the pain, suffering and inequalities that were caused by multiple waves of disease. 

Hospitals still need ventilators, oxygen concentrators and medical equipment for their overwhelmed ICU wards.  Access to well equipped ICU wards still means the difference between health, life and death.  The continued surge of infections has stressed India’s fragile health care system and driven it to the point of collapse.  In India’s struggling health care system many more cases of death and disease have gone unrecorded. The situation is even more desperate in the rural Indian communities we work in, often without access to even basic medical care. With your generous help we can ease this dire situation!

We're a volunteer organization and your donation to Canadians Sharing today will go immediately and directly toward our Hospital Equipment Fund for South India.

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Jan 2024