CANDLELIGHTERS Childhood Cancer Support Programs


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Our Mission

Candlelighters mission is to enrich the lives of children, and their families, coping with childhood cancer and to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of childhood cancer on the children and the families. 

About CANDLELIGHTERS Childhood Cancer Support Programs

Candlelighters is a not for profit organization whose vision incorporates the belief that every child and family affected with childhood cancer enjoys the best quallity of life possible, from the time of diagnosis, through to the completion of treatment and beyond. Candlelighters' programs and services are aimed at the needs of the entire family, and deal mainly with alleviating both the emotional and financial stress that families of children with cancer deal with on a daily basis. In order to achieve its mission of enhancing the lives of children and their families coping with childhood cancer, Candlelighters provides a variety of services, delivered through three core programs: Family Support, Financial Support and Education Support.

Candlelighters is proudly able to provide programs and services to 100% of children and youth who are aged 18 years of age and under at the time of their cancer diagnosis and who are treated in Eastern Ontario.  The children and families we serve come from the National Capital Region, from the north including Sudbury and Iqaluit, through the Ottawa Valley up beyond Pembroke and down the south through to Cornwall and the surrounding area. 

Did you know that over 65 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year right here in the National Capital and surrounding region?  More than one per week!!  1 in 5 children (a child every month) will not survive their cancer diagnosis.  Over 125 children are currently in active treatment – that’s A LOT of kids with cancer.  Childhood cancer impacts every member of a family as children simply cannot get themselves to and from hospital for treatment on their own.  Parents face enormous challenges as “loss of income” related to leaving the workforce to be with a critically ill child adds incredible financial stress on families who are already dealing with the emotional burden of the uncertain future their child with cancer faces. Through the provision of Education Support, Family Support and Financial Support programs,  Candlelighters uniquely address the ever-emerging needs of children battling cancer with real and tangible programs.  By providing every newly diagnosed patient with an iPad, we give kids and families an opportunity to stay connected to their friends, family, classmates and others in the world; by covering the out-of-pocket costs associated with parking when parents are taking their children to and from hospital gives them one less thing to worry about; by helping families through a financial crisis by providing a grocery gift card so the cupboards aren’t bear when money is tight; or by helping a family pay for the funeral of a youngster who has not survived…Candlelighters is here supporting families of children with cancer every step of the way along the childhood cancer journey.  In 2017, over 300 families benefitted from the services provided by Candlelighters.


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