Canmore Folk Music Festival Society


Business Number: 131513913RR0001

In 1978, the Canmore Folk Festival made Alberta music history with a simple mission: to create a community through a shared love of folk music. In addition to the annual festival, and over the years, we’ve brought musicians into our schools, and occasionally we’ve been able to host song writing workshops and special music programs. Emerging artists require even more support. Every aspect of musicianship today – developing songs, getting them heard, selling those songs and touring to perform those songs - is getting harder and harder. There are programs out there but if we are going to keep Folk music healthy we need to take our support to a higher level. We’re thrilled to announce the Canmore Artist Development Fund to provide the extra support our artists need. With your donation to the Fund, you’ll not only enjoy the fruits of this community, you will help sow the seeds that keep it strong. Every artist you love is entertaining you today because someone invested in them and gave them their shot. The Canmore Artist Development Fund is your opportunity to be that investment, to be that shot. With your donation, you can help guarantee another forty-two years of a community united in a shared love of folk music.

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