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Indonesia Earthquakes and Tsunami

On Friday, Sept 28th, 2018 a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia and it triggered a devastating tsunami. It has killed more than 1,500 people, with thousands more feared dead. Women, girls and their families have been forced to flee in search of safety and shelter. CARE is on the ground, assessing needs and readying urgently needed aid for those in crisis right now.

“We are shocked by the number of people that have perished, and we fear this number will get much worse. We now need to focus on how we can help survivors. The key needs of the people in and around Palu city are clean water, shelter and proper sanitation. Electricity is still out and access to those affected has been extremely difficult due to landslides and flooding in the area. In a natural disaster of this scale, even finding clean water to drink can be a real challenge. In the aftermath of this level of destruction, people’s thoughts immediately turn to sources of income and a home, and these are just some of the areas where organizations like CARE can help provide support.” - Helen Vanwel, CARE Indonesia Country Director

Indonesians need your help. CARE will be responding with clean water and shelter immediately, and over time will also support the longer-term recovery of earthquake survivors.

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