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Business Number: 118838333RR0001

Lebanon Crisis Response Fund

Donate now to rush emergency aid to Lebanon. 

The city of Beirut, Lebanon has been devastated. On August 4, an explosion destroyed much of the city’s port and surrounding areas. 

Hundreds of people were killed, 6000 injured, and over 300,000 have lost their homes.

The disaster has also destroyed 85% of the food stored at the port - which will have a massive impact on over a million refugees, who fled war in Syria, and are currently living in Lebanon.

CARE's response:

CARE is working with local partners to focus on immediate life-saving aid in the form or food parcels, cash, psycho-social support, and hygiene materials in the first few months. We will also work towards longer-term assistance through shelter rehabilitation, technical support and cash assistance, long-term psycho-social support and resources to help protect against gender-based violence, which can increase after a crisis with thousands of people living in temporary and unprotected shelters.

Give now:

Please donate now.  Your donation today will help families devastated by the Beirut explosion and will provide food, shelter, and safety for those who have lost so much.