C.E.Y.S. Brandon Inc.

Registered Name: C.E.Y.S. BRANDON INC.

Business Number: 808899587RR0001


CEYS is an non-profit organization that works to enable Brandon’s youth to enhance their skills, maximize their potential and market themselves effectively to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.

We have been surviving on the funds from Youth Skills Link funding through Service Canada and donations from people like you.

Our program has been in jeopardy of closing numerous of times with the funding being allocated at the very last moment and not all costs are being funded and therefore the youth that we help are in jeopardy of falling more into the cracks and some may never receive the help that they need to succeed.

Any donation amount helps in being able to assure that our doors will always be open we have had numerous success stories and here is an excerpt from one of our clients that was in dire need of help for employment so she could succeed in life, not only for herself but for her children.

“I try to stop into CEYS to say hi, as I am forever grateful to these women in helping me achieve my dreams.  Maybe I could have done this all by myself, maybe not. But behind all the great people in the world, there is something pushing them to achieve that greatness.  I am beyond grateful that I have these wonderful women behind me.” Jennifer

Dream    Believe    Succeed

CEYS Brandon ~ Opening Doors to a Brighter Future ~ Help Us Help Youth~

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