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Our Mission

Belka Enrichment Program (Jane/Finch - Toronto) is a voluntary community–based organization committed to the academic development and excellence of young people by providing them with mentorship and supporting them in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations.

We are a non-profit organization, which operates excellent Canadian values and promotes sound Character Education. Established in Toronto, Canada since 2000, our focus is the provision of educational, cultural and sporting programs for beneficiaries within our local community and internationally "Thinking Locally, Acting Globally".

In Partnership with Caribbean Countries, we provide high quality experiences for the youth during holidays by going on short trips and visit to schools in various Caribbean Countries.


We believe in mentorship of our students by understanding their needs and providing the required support in achieving success.

Providing an environment that will nurture excellence and active participation of both the tutor and the student


• Tutoring elementary and high school students, to help them become greater achievers in the classroom, while preparing them for placement in colleges and universities.

• Assisting students to obtain scholarships (New Crime Free Program) from willing and suitable organizations within the community and overseas.

• Assisting new immigrant teachers obtain certification.

• Providing sports coaching for students in various sports such as soccer and basketball.

• Providing Chess Training and competition

• Making our programs far reaching and all inclusive by launching the ubiquitous program called Lab-on-wheels

• Assisting high school graduates secure summer jobs.

• Assisting high school students prepare their resumes and cover letters.

• Bringing Interns from faculty of Education from different countries.


CARIBBEAN GLOBAL MISSIONS/BELKA ENRICHMENT CENTER is committed to providing- various quality programs for Children, Youth and Adults with our well equipped volunteers and resources needed to help them work with the children and youth in the community to reach their full potential. We promote the concepts of life long innovative learning and dedicated to offering opportunities for both our Volunteers and the group of Children and Youth that we serve in all communities involved.

Goal: To establish a Mobile Computer Lab that improves academic and social skills of youth from grades 6 to 8 in the broader Jane Finch community.

With the children and Youth in mind we have designed programs that include

• Academic After School Programs (homework club, Tutoring and Computer Project Help) + French Language Program

• Workshops for Educators: Teachers, Principals, Guidance, and the Psychologists;

• Multicultural and Diversity community awareness

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