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Caring Partners Global (CPG) is a Canadian inter-denominational charitable organization that works with community leaders in Matangwe, Kenya to build a sustainable future. CPG's four areas of focus include health care, education, food security and life skills development with the goal of changing lives, one community at a time.


CPG was started in 1994 when Sylvia and Stephen Scott began working with local leaders in Matangwe, Kenya to plan the development of a local health clinic. In Canada the Canadian Development Agency, local service clubs, church groups, and health care agencies helped to secure donations of funds, equipment and medicines. 1996 the community at Matangwe broke ground for the clinic and the first patient was treated in 2001.

Since that time the dream of a health clinic has morphed into a bustling community. The clinic is now a hospital, providing inpatient, outpatient and outreach services. In 2006, a student sponsorship program commenced and to date over 200 children, most of whom are orphans, have been given the gift of learning. A community centre has been built and supports early childhood education and life skills development. A food security program focuses on clean water and demonstration projects to assist the local community learn new sustainable agricultural practices.

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