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Ask any librarian what we hear most from people and you might be surprised. It isn't "you need more books". Most of the time, people want more services---more programs, more online options, more access to community events, and more connections with people.

Libraries are changing because of that. Look at any library newsletter, and you'll see it filled with programs for babies, children, teens, young adults, adults, and seniors. We have makerspaces, drop in centers, tutoring areas, and public computers. We offer tech tutoring, passes to museums, seed libraries, and experiences that offer people the chance to meet others.

But all of these things require staffing and extra funding.

We can provide a space for people to use while filming videos for their YouTube channels, but we also need to be able to supply them with cutting edge equipment and the training they need to support those dreams.

We can suggest that our libraries become safe places for parents to bring their children for private tutoring sessions, but we also need the funding to create those spaces, and still offer great library sightlines and quiet spaces for others to work.

And we can collect heirloom and exotic seed samples so that community members can try them out in their own gardens, but we also need storage space and staff training to help people when they need direction.

All of this is possible within libraries, but your donations can make a big difference between being able to offer one or two experiences, and being able to provide an ongoing and growing collection of activities and quality instruction.

Please consider donating to one of our current donation campaigns, such as our Summer Literacy Tutoring Fund, or our Teen Services Fund, or make a one-time general donation with the assurance we'll put it toward a great program or upgrade to our space.

Libraries wouldn't exist without generous people like you. Please accept our greatest appreciation for your donation. We know how expensive life is, and it means so much to us that you chose to donate to a great community-oriented institution like the library.

What People Are Saying

"Our tutoring program builds confidence, gives children skills to work on over the summer, and provides parents with follow up activities. We'd love to offer spaces to every child who needs it, but funding is tricky. Each donation provides extra Flex Friday reading buddy sessions. "

— Heidi Sinnett, Children's Librarian, Carleton Place Public Library

"He loves reading now. I told him he only has one week left (of the literacy tutoring program) and he cried. We are going to have to do some Flex Fridays when we can so he can keep going."

— Mother of a literacy tutoring participant

"He goes to a tutor on Wednesdays, but I can already tell he likes this more!"

— Mother of a literacy tutoring participant

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