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Continuing Services


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Continuing Services

Among the many effects of COVD-19 is the reduced amount of services available for vulnerable people in Regina and area.

In response to this, CFS Regina has adapted our services so that we may continue to provide support to those who need it. Including our Counselling Services, Family & Newcomer Family Support Services, and Newcomer Employment & Career Services.

We realize that people's needs continue, and may be even greater than before the pandemic. Which is why we are providing an increased amount of supplies (that we don't normally provide) to the vulnerable people in our community. Your support can help us provide more vulnerable people & families who are struggling with the provisions they need to get through this time of isolation and social distancing.

Additional supplies include: Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol, Thermometers, Pedialyte - for families with illness requiring items for care. Diapers & Baby food Proteins - for families on Halal diets that aren’t getting a sufficient amount through food security agencies that don’t have capacity to do so right now. Minute Cards - for families at risk who generally use apps and WIFI available in public settings, or a family’s/friends phone to connect. These also allow our Support Workers to check in with clients without needing to go into the community as much (reducing transmission risk). These cards also mean clients can access psychologist/counsellor appointments. Personal Protection Equipment Emergency Groceries when all other routes have been exhausted.