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Celtic Music Interpretive Centre


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To collect, preserve and promote the traditional Celtic music of Cape Breton Island through Education, Research and Performance.

Celtic Music Interpretive Centre


The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre (CMIC) is a popular establishment in Judique, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia dedicated to promoting and preserving Celtic music and heritage. It offers a wide range of facilities, including a restaurant, music stage, exhibition galleries, archival storage, gift shop, and administration offices, all located in one place. 

Our primary objective is to showcase Celtic music and regional cultures while contributing to community development and providing exceptional experiences to our guests.

The CMIC's mission is to celebrate and promote the Celtic Music and Heritage of Cape Breton Island as a living tradition through Archival Preservation, Education, and Performance.

We aim to become a globally renowned hub for Cape Breton Celtic music, where the past, present, and future of the genre are celebrated. We welcome both locals and visitors to our center and encourage them to participate in cultural activities, which can foster friendships, knowledge exchange, and an increased sense of identity and well-being.

Your contributions help us bring in talented local musicians and instructors while allowing us to offer competitive rates for services. To achieve our goal as a not-for-profit organization, we depend on donations to provide the best possible cultural experience to our students and visitors. 

The CMIC offers workshops and music events for people of all ages, including youth and seniors. It plays an important role in building a vibrant local community and economy. From mid-June to mid-October, the CMIC hosts live music performances every day. The Sunday Ceilidhs run throughout the year.

In October, we welcome students from all over the world to the Buddy MacMaster Fiddle Camp, which takes place during the week of the Celtic Colours International Festival.

Féis Cape Breton is a music program that focuses on the youth and is jointly administered by the Celtic Colours Festival Society and the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre. The program's aim is to reignite the passion for traditional Gaelic music and culture and to revitalize interest and participation. The Féis works towards ensuring that the culture of Gaelic music remains a vibrant and living tradition for generations to come. The flagship program of the Féis is the Youth Music Mentorship Program. It provides opportunities for youth aged 12-18 from across Nova Scotia to gather together over the course of 5-8 months. During these sessions, they can receive mentorship and guidance from highly respected musicians in their chosen musical discipline.

Did you know?

  • The CMIC is the official Cultural Archive for the County of Inverness since 2009.
  • The CMIC was designated the “Official Celtic Music Centre of Nova Scotia” by the Legislature in 2013.


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