Registered Name: Centaur Foundation for the Performing Arts - La Fondation pour les arts d'interp

Business Number: 118842111RR0001

Our Mission

Our artistic mission is to create, develop, produce and present plays and other theatrical explorations from the local, national and international repertoire instilled with a vibrancy and relevancy that relates directly to the contemporary human experience. We continue to foster the spirit of collaboration within the international, national and Québécois theatre community at large. Our additional goal is to implement and employ outreach initiatives and programs that will assist in the development of Montreal theatre artists and audiences alike. We are equally driven to maintain a distinct community, while affirming our national and international identity. We will carry out all of our aforementioned objectives through the conscientious management of our business affairs.


Centaur Theatre is an integral part of the vibrant arts and culture scene for which Montreal is renowned. Quebec's flagship English-language theatre since 1969, Centaur Theatre inspires, challenges and entertains through live theatre.   Each season, over 50,000 spectators enjoy a variety of productions in the historic Montreal Stock Exchange building, sparking both imagination and a sense of community.

We foster the next generation of artists through the annual Wildside Festival, providing the opportunity for up-and-coming talent and independent productions to play on the big stage. More than 6,000 young people, including Francophones learning English as a second language, enjoy our affordable professional theatre in English last year.

The Conseil des arts de Montréal recognized Centaur Theatre with its theatre award in 2006—the only English-language theatre to receive this prestigious honour.

Donations allow us to continue to produce high-calibre theatre and provide community outreach and educational initiatives, such as the Saturday Morning Children’s Series, the Theatre of Tomorrow  student matinees and our discount ticket programs. Ticket revenue accounts for approximately 42% of our annual expenses; therefore, contributions from individuals and the private sector play a significant role in our projects.

What People Are Saying

"Centaur Theatre’s Choir Boy is a multi-layered coming-of-age story enriched by spirituals and gospel songs and featuring exhilarating switches of mood... The cast…is uniformly excellent (pun intended)…but it’s the music proper that really takes this spellbinding show over the finish line "

— Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette, Read More

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