Center Agapè Centre


Business Number: 131521163RR0001

Our Mission

Agapè Centre provides nutritious food for the social good of the community we serve. Food is our foundation and eating well is the first step.

About Center Agapè Centre

The Agapè Centre is a non profit organization that is open to help people in our community. We have a soup kitchen, food bank, clothing program, garden, as well as, food literacy programs for young people and children. We are 100 percent funded through the generosity of our community. With your support, we are able to ensure that no family goes hungry, cold, or without any of their basic necessities of life.

What People Are Saying

"It’s kind of hard to get people to see what’s right in front of them sometimes. People choose to ignore the problem and to be narrowly focused on their own world. You hope that people can recognize the bigger picture around them. Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time. "

— Agapè Client

"I was 40 years old and fell from 65 ft and broke every bone in my body. I had to relearn how to read, to write and how to speak. I was pronounced dead twice. I became an alcoholic and tried to kill myself. I was lucky and I survived. I never drank again. This place is, for me it’s very important. "

— Agapè client

"What the Agapè does for the community I think is a good thing. It’s not much between surviving and being on the street. It’s not that big a step. So, every way you can get help is good. You never know, for some people the one meal we get here could be the only meal we get all day.""

— Agapè client

"“Over the years, as I see the impact of Agapè has on the clients of its services, I feel more and more proud to support the work the organization performs. I like knowing that whatever I do for the centre will have a positive impact on someone’s life.” "

— Agapè Centre volunteer

"“Fourteen years ago, I had a colostomy and couldn’t work. I started using the services of the Agapè Centre and every time I went, I was so happy with the way I was received at the Centre. I give to the Agapè Centre because I was always welcomed as if I were their only client.” "

— This donor has been a longtime supporter and has given over $25,000

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