Centre 507


Business Number: 118848472RR0001

For over 35 years Centre 507 is, above all, a community. Everyone is welcome.  

We bring people together, some of whom might otherwise be isolated. It often starts with a great bowl of soup and a conversation with someone at the same table. They get to know more people and feel a friendly, positive vibe. Over time, they might see or hear about our partners who visit the Centre to offer support in areas such as health, housing or job skills. They see others clearing tables and helping unload food orders or donations. So they pitch in too.

Good food is just the beginning. Building community involves restoring dignity, fighting isolation and inspiring hope. Centre 507 seeks to create a vibrant network which engages a wide section of our population in healthy living, recreation, wellness education and preventative care. From tax help, haircuts, gardening, tailoring, a trip to the art gallery or access to computers, Centre 507 is a dynamic environment offering services to equip our community to stay integrated and lead fulfilling lives. No matter where someone's Centre 507 journey takes them, it usually begins with food. People first come to us when they are hungry. Once their bodies are nourished, they move towards other kinds of fulfillment. We are increasingly focused on the quality of our food. Like anyone else, people who come to a drop-in Centre deserve good food and flavor, nourishment and variety.  We offer vegetarian and often vegan options. Good food boosts the spirits of our community members and brings them together. It's good for the body and the spirit.

Centre 507 connects our community with sporting, recreational and cultural activities they have always enjoyed or a taste of something new. From National Gallery shows and museums to 67s, and Champions games to Winterlude and beach trips.

People who need health or housing support don't always know where to start. Even when they do, one obstacle is reluctance to confide in an unfamiliar person in an unfamiliar place. Or it could be as simple as lack of transportation. Centre 507 is grateful to partners who set up shop in the drop-in for a few hours each week.



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