Centre Alpha-Sourd


Business Number: 890779945RR0001

“We hear through our eyes and we speak with our hands”

About us

The Alpha-Sourd Center is a non-profit organization that offers literacy services to Deaf adults through courses in basic French and literacy, computer training, cooking, skills-building workshops on Quebec Sign Language (LSQ), etc. We complete our calendar of activities with field trips and monthly conferences during which all the information given is transmitted through a sign language interpreter.

Our mission

In addition to breaking the isolation experienced by many Deaf people, our mission is to increase their day-to-day independence, build their self-esteem and develop social and communicational skills that can lead them to a better openness to the world.

To achieve this, we:

  • adapt or create educational material that is available for our deaf or deaf-blind users;


  • offer significant literacy workshops, mainly in French and mathematics, that help develop communication skills and encourage the social integration and self-reliance of our participants;


  • provide activities that promote social and cultural exchanges;


  • refer our participants to other resources, if necessary.

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