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Centre d'aide et d'encadrement des jeunes (CAEJ)

Registered Name: Centre d'aide et d'encadrement des jeunes (CAEJ)

Business Number: 792358285RR0001

Annual operating funds of the center (2019)

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Winston Churchull said this:

"We make a living by what we receive, but we build our life by what we give."

It is for this purpose that the Canadian Youth Aid and Counseling Center (CAEJ), a Canadian humanitarian organization, started a major construction project for young people in Haiti at Croix des Bouquets in the town of Dumay. This mission consists of all kinds of activities, to supervise, help, inspire, equip and restore confidence in the future to these young people, by making them consider a better tomorrow. To this end, we are urging you to give and become a partner in this cause, joining us in the pursuit of this mission.

Your lump sum or recurring donations of at least $ 20 per month  (less than 1$/ a day) will allow us to give a hot meal to young people in need and to continue our activities with them, such as: learning a manual trade, civism, good manners, as well as notions of personal development through sport and homework help during the year 2019 and beyond ...

If you decide to give $30 and more per month, this amount will allow us to start other projects such as building a craft school, a farm and a bakery, while giving you right to receive a craft product made by the young people of CAEJ.

We invite you to join us in achieving this noble goal, which is not only to teach these young people how to fish, but also to help them make their own fishing rod.

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