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Build Skills

Registered Name: Centre For ADD/ADHD Awareness, Canada

Business No: 828460329RR0001

Build Skills

Many families and individuals in Canada struggle to find ADHD resources in their communities. The MHFNP is designed to provide expert navigation of ADHD and mental health care resources in Canada. The Mental Health Family Navigation Program will provide support for individuals and families affected by ADHD in two areas

  1. Emotional support:
    1. Listening to concerns, frustrations, and fears.
    2. Helping families build upon their strengths
    3. Support the development of advocacy skills
  2. Mental health system navigation
    1. Locate appropriate ADHD and mental health resources in their communities, such as specialists and therapy providers
    2. Recreation programs, schools, tutors
    3. Support groups

 The goal of the program is to help families and individuals navigate the mental health care system, connect them to credible assessment and treatment resources, and give them a better understanding of ADHD itself.