Centre for e-Democracy

Registered Name: Centre for e-Democracy

Business Number: 809962335RR0001

The Centre for e-Democracy is a charitable organization dedicated to initiating, translating and disseminating research and knowledge on the impact of digital technologies on politics and democracy.

The first of its kind in Canada, the Centre will be a hot spot for e-democracy research with hopes of making a real, practical impact on our knowledge and understanding of the use of technology in society and politics.

Topics like Internet voting, open government and intelligent communities will all be a focus of the Centre’s knowledge building activities. We will release mini-reports on these topics of interest. These reports will be freely available on the Centre’s website and will be written in clear, plain language that is easy to understand. You won’t need to pay a membership fee to gain access, and you won’t need a dictionary or Google to translate and understand our findings.

It is our hope the Centre will provide access to scholarly and balanced academic research in order that those seeking knowledge on these topics can be better informed on the ways technology is changing opportunities for political participation, government services, and policy.

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