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To build, develop, and improve literacy with families and communities

What We Do

We provide a continuum of programs that enable individuals and families to participate at any stage of their literacy development. Each year over 8,000 Alberta adults and children access our programs, training, services and resources.

Our unique and innovative programs support language and literacy development within a family context and promote parent-child bonding and close family relationships.


Programs for parents and their infants and toddlers include Books for Babies, Rhymes that Bind and Multicultural Rhymes that Bind.

Programs for parents and their preschool children include Classroom on Wheels (C.O.W.) Bus, Learn Together Grow Together, 3-2-1 Fun, and Learning is Fun Together (LIFT)

Programs for adults include Adult Tutor Program, Literacy Links, and Adult Group Classes.

What People Are Saying

"It is hard to identify any other single issue that can have such a large payoff to individuals, the economy and society than literacy."

— Literacy Matters: A call to Action, TD Financial Group

"I never would have read to an infant - but what a difference it makes. He is only 6 months, but he already has two favourite books!"

— Parent in Books for Babies Program

"I can't believe how many rhymes - and words - my one year old knows because of the Rhymes program. She just loves to sing along, and now her brother joins in too! It has brought us closer because we have something fun to share."

— Participant in Rhymes That Bind program

"We don't have a car so being able to walk to the C.O.W. Bus is wonderful. I like being able to take books from a large variety that are good for children and that are free. The staff are so friendly and helpful and it is great to meet other parents in my neighbourhood."

— Mom who visits the Edmonton Literacy Classroom on Wheels Bus

"I am extremely grateful for this organization for providing opportunities for people who want to improve their reading and writing but may not be able to afford to do so. This organization is heroic for helping people to reach their goals.""

— Adult Learner in Adult Tutor Program

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