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Routes of Change

Markus Pukonen is a man on a mission. He is going to pogo stick across the city of Winnipeg as part of his Routes of Change. The adventurer plans on spending 1,825 days circumnavigating the planet, in one consecutive trip, without a motor. His goal is to raise $10 million for leaders of positive change.

Recently named One of Canada’s Top Explorers, Pukonen began his adventure on July 13, 2015. For the next five years, he will travel the planet using a number of unconventional means of transport. He will be using a canoe, sailboat, skateboard, skis, hand cycle and stand-up paddle board, and he might be spotted walking backwards, running or dancing along his route. As long as it does not involve a motor, it might be part of his journey.

He started his adventure in Toronto, in the Beaches neighbourhood where he was born. His journey of 82,000 kilometres began at the bottom of Silverbirch Avenue, where the ashes of his parents are buried.

In Winnipeg he is supporting the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources www.yourcier.org. CIER is the only national, First Nation-directed environmental non-profit organization with charitable status. Our work focuses upon meeting First Nation needs, as they define them, and by sharing the tools and solutions we work with First Nations to create so they can take action to solve the environmental problems that affect their lands and waters.

Along the route he will be partnering with similar small, non-profit organizations that are committed to building a healthy planet for generations to come. Each will share his common goal of creating social or environmental change. People can donate a penny per kilometre that he travels and follow routesofchange on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or a live interactive map at routesofchange.org.

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