Centre for Inquiry Canada

Registered Name: Centre for Inquiry - Le Centre Pour l'Enquête

Business Number: 833642614RR0001


About Centre for Inquiry Canada

Our Mission:

Centre for Inquiry Canada fosters a secular society based on reason, science, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.

Centre for Inquiry Canada works with members, volunteers, supporters and partners to create a better world. We do this through the application of critical thinking skills; promotion of good science; adoption of secular decision making and through building communities of like minded people. CFIC is a national, volunteer led, charitable organization with several local branches across the country.

CFIC: Helping people with good reason

What People Are Saying

"When my religious beliefs could no longer survive my commitment to science and critical thinking I discovered Humanism. Thank you CFIC for providing a community that celebrates evidence-based reasoning."

— Seanna Watson

"Terrorized by religion as a child, I overcame my anger as a young adult... I am passionate about shining the bright light of critical thinking on the dark shadows of rigid thought systems, regardless of whether they are political, economic, religious or social.""

— John McKay

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