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The Centre Wellington Food Bank is making a significant impact in the lives of over 320 vulnerable families. All donations help  fund not just our grocery program which provides meat, dairy and other products to families but also helps fund 40 yearly community dinners . . .  dinners that not only serve healthy food but bring people together in the spirit of friendship and love.

Our primary focus . . .  making a difference in the lives of people!

We have also increased the dollar amount spent on fresh foods. Since 2012 we have budgeted over $18,000 annually for food purchases and in 2019 we increased this to $25,000. Also this year we have committed ourselves to making sure that 35% of all food donations at food drives are fruits and vegetables.

Healthy foods are a major part of our service!

Over the years our kitchen has been a tremendous asset. It has enabled us to prepare healthy meals for our clients and we also offer cooking classes for those interested. This year we have been chosen, once again, by Food Banks Canada to be one of five food banks across Canada to pilot two new cooking programs that focus on nutrition and cooking skills. One of these programs is aimed at seniors, with an emphasis on diabetes prevention, and the other program is for children between the ages of 6-8.

What an honour!

Along with our focus on real food and healthy eating, the Food Bank pursued two new initiatives for 2019. The first being "Going Green in 2019." This means no more plastic bags or containers. Reusable shopping bags and paper-based food and storage containers will be used.

The other new initiative focuses on the reclamation of food and no food waste. We call this initiative "From Table to Tummy." In other words, what does not go out  the door with clients will be turned into delicious soups and stews and served fresh every day at our new soup station (available to all) and whatever is left that cannot be used, will go into the tummy of a local farm animal.

Nothing is wasted or discarded into the garbage bin and all disposables are either re-used or recycled.

With the responsibility of making sure vulnerable community families have enough to eat and are treated with dignity and respect, we, as a community, can honestly say that we have made a difference in their lives and will continue to do so.

For this we gratefully thank you for your support! 

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