Centre for Suicide Prevention


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**Special notice to donors re: COVID-19 response**

CSP equips people with the knowledge and skills needed to support people at risk of suicide. We do this in two ways: 1) through providing suicide prevention training for hundreds of agencies - more than 400 workshops every year, and 2) through knowledge translation of critical research in mental health and suicide prevention. While there are few recognized best practices in suicide prevention, we do know that education is a powerful one. We know that social isolation is a risk factor for suicide, and, during times of crisis, anxiety and overwhelm are common feelings. Suicide prevention education will be vital now more than ever during this challenging time. Timely access to relevant and reputable resources on managing our mental health and how to cope effectively is paramount now as our mental health needs skyrocket. Help us educate in this time of need and adapt to the ever-evolving circumstances. CSP seeks donations to continue our work in knowledge translation to deliver practical, evidence-based, concise information online to all Canadians who seek more resources about how to protect their own health or the health of a loved one at risk of suicide.

We educate to save lives through suicide prevention by equipping people with the knowledge and skills to respond to those at risk of suicide.

Centre for Suicide Prevention is an education centre, a centre of excellence, based in Calgary, Alberta. We are a branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

We are educators. For over 35 years, we’ve been equipping Canadians with the information, knowledge and skills necessary to respond to people at risk of suicide.

We educate online, in print, and interactively. Our library of over 45,000 suicide-specific items, the largest English-language collection of its kind, informs the work we do.

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