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Community Water Project - Nicaragua

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There is a severe lack of access to safe, clean drinking water in northern Nicaragua. People often rely on rivers that frequently slow to a trickle, or dry out entirely, or on old and contaminated well sites. Lack of access to potable water is not only extremely detrimental to health - especially that of children - it also impedes economic and social development. 

This project engages communities in the process of planning and building water systems and empowers communities to form Water Management Committees in which men and women are responsible for the well-being and maintenance of water in their respective communities and introduces the use technology for sustainable water resource governance.  

Using technology for monitoring, reporting and for water rights advocacy will empower Nicaraguan citizens to engage in democratic processes and improve their access to water as a human right. The Project will also will impact 80,000 people in drought-stricken NW Nicaragua through potable water system construction and rehabilitation.

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