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CHANGE Health Alberta

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CHANGE Health Alberta


As our population ages, countless studies show that growing numbers of Canadians lead increasingly unhealthy lives. Whether our busy lifestyles require more time sitting in cars and in front of screens, or a lack of knowledge about how to purchase and prepare healthy foods, the situation is dire. This disconnection is resulting in increasing rates of mental health problems, concentration difficulties like ADHD and the obesity crisis that Canada currently faces.

CHANGE Health Alberta will start the process to re-connect families and children and improve their health through a educational programming for children and families. CHANGE stands for Canadian Health Advanced by Nutrition and Graded Exercise.

The CHANGE Adventure Camp will facilitate the exploration of nature and teach students and families key principles of land use, growing food and meal preparation. In addition, issues of physical activity and benefits of time spent in nature will be taught. The specific activities of the CHANGE Adventure Camp will include school field trips, school outreach program, cooking classes, and both weekend and summer camps for children adults and families. It is expected that the participants in the pilot camp activities will develop a connection with nature as well as improve their physical activity and eating habits.

Our Vision: To promote equitable access to nutrition and physical activity resources for all Alberta families while re-connecting them to the natural environment.


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