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CHANGE Health Alberta

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Healthy Steps for CHANGE

Campaign Ended Oct. 31, 2019

CHANGE Adventure Camp - Building Life Skills for Children and Families

The Healthy Steps for CHANGE Event is a fundraiser to support the CHANGE Adventure Camps. 

We want the community to join the Challenge of walking 1 million stairs on October 5th, 2019.

As our population ages, countless studies show that growing numbers of Canadians lead increasingly unhealthy lives. Whether our busy lifestyles require more time sitting in cars and in front of screens, or a lack of knowledge about how to purchase and prepare healthy foods, the situation is dire.

In the past, children and adults would spend several hours each week outdoors. This is no longer the case. The lure of technology, television combined with longer work hours and busier schedules has created a problem coined by Richard Louv called "nature-deficit disorder". For today's generation, nature is to found on Youtube or Wikipedia rather than through actual experience. This disconnection with nature may be resulting in increasing rates of mental health problem, concentration difficulties like ADHD and the obesity crisis that Canada currently faces. The CHANGE Adventure Camp will start the process to re-connect families and children with nature. 

All funds raised support low-income families attend programs to build skills in meal preparation, physical activity and connecting with nature.

Donations can be made the following ways: 

1. Selecting the "Donate Now" button on this page to make a donation as an individual

2. Following this link to the "Peer to Peer" page and donate as a team effort towards Healthy Steps for CHANGE:

Now is the time to Re-Learning Healthy Living by reconnecting with nature. Through the creation of the CHANGE Adventure Camp we will demonstrate the powerful affect of nature in families and children. Encouraging adventure will allow the participants to overcome nature-deficit disorder affecting today's society. We will demonstrate improvement to quality of life, mental health and changes to healthy eating and physical activity among the participants.

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