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Help support the creation of new operas in Quebec!

Chants Libres is the only company in Quebec entirely dedicated to the creation and the production of new operas.Chants Libres’ mandate is unique, audacious and singular; for almost 30 years, we have created and produced new forms of opera, using variable approaches, where artistic and technological innovation comes together. By offering a new operatic repertoire, we are adapting the art to the colours of modernity, exploring the most recent techniques and approaches to the vocal arts. We have also taken on an increasingly important role in the training of new talent and the dissemination of new works.Founded in 1990 by the renowned soprano Pauline Vaillancourt, in collaboration with Joseph Saint-Gelais and Renald Tremblay, the company has to date, created 17 new operas.

Why do we need your support?

A new opera takes several years to create. The scale of the investment needed to create and produce new opera is immense. Such work cannot be improvised and requires substantial financial support.

However, we are faced with a situation where our subsidies are not enough. This deficiency threatens our work and makes the development of our projects more fragile. We are able to shoulder these projects thanks to the passion and commitment of our artists, our partners, our team and the sponsors who are behind us.

Your donation – whether big or small – is essential for our projects to see the light of day, in conditions that allow us to achieve the highest level of quality for our new operas.

Thank you for your generous support!

To find out more about the company: chantlibres.org

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