Charity Intelligence Canada


Business Number: 803407956RR0001

Charity Intelligence helps Canadian donors better understand their giving. Our small team of charity analysts independently research and report on more than 700 Canadian charities. These reports are posted freely for all to read on the website.

With Charity Intelligence's reports, Canadian donors have the facts at their finger tips and are better informed. This strengthens giving in Canada with a charity sector that is more transparent and accountable, and more focused on results.

Please consider donating to Charity Intelligence's research. Specific programs and initiatives that need donations are posted from time to time on Charity Intelligence's website. Thank you.

What People Are Saying

"The best thing a human being can do is help another human being know more"

— Charlie Munger

"Giving money away is easy. Giving money away well is fiendishly difficult."

— Warren Buffett

"More important than the Ombudsman when it comes to charities. Thank you for being here."

— Marianne J. , Canadian donor, Read More

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