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Save the Concrete House


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Save the Concrete House

The Charles Macdonald Concrete House in Centreville is a uniquely designed and built structure like no other in Canada. Completely made out of cement the building is a sculpture more than a dwelling with intricate details created directly into the house. As examples the newel post is a sculpture of a woman paddling a canoe and the fireplace contains several bas-relief sculptures depicting nature scenes.

Due to the age of the building and limited funding, the Concrete House has fallen into great disrepair. At the end of 2019 the organization was told the building is no longer insurable. Faced with this overwhelming problem the existing board restructured, brought on new members, and asked the question “can we save the Concrete House?” After months of research it was unanimously voted that we would use all the resources at our disposal to attempt to save the Concrete House.

The goal is to; secure the exterior structure to stop additional damage from weather and moisture, fully repair the exterior, fully restore the living areas to a fully functional state, renovate the upstairs into office space and storage for Charlie’s art collection, renovate the Hazelwood Gallery to a climate controlled gallery space, renovate the bathroom to be handicap accessible, renovate the kitchen area as a gift shop and information center.