CHAT to the Future

Registered Name: CHAT to the Future Inc.

Business Number: 843839903RR0001

Uniting Global Citizenship, Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship for Students

CHAT to the Future ("CHAT" – Care and Hope through the Adoption of Technology) is a registered Canadian charity founded in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2011. Through a growing network of 50+ schools from Grades 2 to 12, CHAT supports its partner organization in Kasangati, Uganda to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, while also educating caring, empathetic, hopeful and resilient young people as global citizens and social entrepreneurs in New Brunswick and throughout North America.

We provide hands-on, experiential learning. Whether supporting children in Uganda, using Skype technology for social good, learning about international development, creating active global citizens or developing social enterprises, CHAT impacts students on both sides of the globe. Through CHAT, students who see themselves as active members of a positive, global community are happier,  engaged and motivated to do their best in school, and expect more from themselves and their lives.

Mission:  We empower students, using empathy, technology, and social entrepreneurship, to develop active global citizens.

Thank you.

What People Are Saying

"Since first learning about CHAT, I have made it a necessary part of my classroom materials. I had to. Nowhere had I encountered an opportunity to do something so tangible for my students in the area of social responsibility and international awareness. It provided engagement on a new level. "

— Kathy Hunter, Grade 2 Teacher in Moncton, New Brunswick

"This group of students really needs this. I can't imagine teaching now without this as part of my school year :)"

— Recent e-mail from Ellen, Grade 1 teacher in Charlotte, NC

"Students not only learn business skills but also empathy! Many of my students were 100% committed and more engaged, knowing who their efforts were benefitting. Creating and running a business from inception instilled confidence that they could not have learned in the classroom alone. "

— Grade 11/12 Entrepreneurship Teacher, New Brunswick

""I believe that what I’m learning in school will contribute to my readiness for adult life” went from 78 to 89%. “Having set goals for their future” went from 78 to 89%, and “Understanding about the experiences of people of other cultures, races or ethnic groups” from 72 to 81%. "

— Survey results from high school students (2014-15 semester)

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