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Mother's Day - Sponsor a Cheetah

Registered Name: Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada / Fonds canadien de préservation des guépards

Business No: 865136824RR0001

Mother's Day - Sponsor a Cheetah

Did you know?  A mother cheetah raises her cubs by herself in the wild for a year and a half. 

Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia keeps populations of injured or orphaned animals in captivity as part of rehabilitation and rewilding efforts. Since 1990, CCF has released 650 cheetahs back into the wild, and rehabilitated over 70 orphaned cheetahs at a cost of more than $6,500 annually per cheetah. It covers nutrition, veterinary care, animal enrichment, vaccinations, pest and parasite treatment, medical response and a cheetah safety environment.

For Mother's Day, Sponsor a Cheetah!  A $30 donation provides food for a cheetah for one week. We issue annual updates about individual cheetahs so specify the name of the cheetah you would like to support in the comment section of your donation.

CCF's mission is to save the cheetah in the wild for future generations through research, conservation and education.  Your support is very important.  

(Photo by: © Jim Zuckerman 2014)