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Caboose-Station Project


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Caboose-Station Project

The Chester Municipal Heritage Society’s “Caboose-Station” Upkeep, and Restoration Project needs your help. This 5-year project plans to revitalize the Chester Train Station with the addition of a generously donated 1970’s style CN Caboose, train platforms, building repairs, upgrades, and painting, as well as the repurposing of the existing freight shed to house new exhibits. With your kind donations, we will be able to pursue this grand endeavor.

Brief history:

  • The Chester Train Station is a MacKenzie-Mann design and was erected by the Halifax and Southwest Railway circa 1903.
    • The colour of the building at that time was cream and dark green. 
    • When it became part of the Canadian National Railway system the exterior was painted the familiar red and cream colours. 
    • To date we have painted, repaired, and upgraded the interior, replaced the deck, chimney, and the roof. 

This registered municipal heritage property is used by many groups and is a focal point for visitor information, Rum Runner trail access, and host to various events throughout the summer and fall months. Currently, the station houses the Station 20 Handcraft Shoppe, the Explore Oak Island Display, Station exhibits, Gold Mining exhibit, and the Foreman Hawboldt Exhibit.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations.