Child Hunger Brantford

Registered Name: Child Hunger Brantford

Business Number: 821939642RR0001

Mission Statement

To support and empower children and their families through education, nutritional programs and food-based initiatives that promote life-long healthy food choices.


To promote positive life change by:

  • Building life-long healthy eaters through access to healthy food for all
  • Promoting an awareness that fresh, whole foods are key to general good health and well-being, and the important role a healthy diet plays in the lives of children
  • Promoting / offering learning opportunities addressing conditions that limit participation in community, learning and employment

We believe that proper nutrition is a cornerstone of providing our youth the nourishment they need to lead successful, healthy lives.


  • CHB values honesty & integrity, openness, inclusiveness, collaboration and learning
  • CHB responds to the needs of the people in our community by providing assistance with sincerity, understanding, commitment and compassion


Purpose:  To provide programs to elementary school children and their families in low-income areas of Brantford and Brant County.  Areas of particular interest are nutrition, literacy, computer and job search training.

Child Hunger Brantford (CHB) is a Non-Profit Organization (Incorporation – February 2013), and is dependent on volunteer services from many community agencies and individuals.

Program Overview

Kids Lunch Club

Goal - To ensure that all children in the community have access to nutritious food

The Kids Lunch Club (KLC) is a program offered by Child Hunger Brantford (CHB).  The KLC provides free lunches to elementary school children who might otherwise come to school with no source of nourishment for the day.  Lunches include a full sandwich, fresh vegetable, fruit, healthy snack and fruit juice (low sugar).  Lunches are prepared by volunteers under the guidance of a Kitchen Supervisor (part-time employee) in a commercial kitchen and delivered to the schools by volunteers.  The Kitchen Supervisor is also responsible for food procurement.

CHB reviewed statistics provided in the Brantford 2009 Social Planning Report, and is offering programs in areas of the City that could make the most impact.

Moreover, this program aims to empower and inspire students by:

  • providing foods made with carefully-considered ingredients that promote healthy growth and development
  • educating students to make smarter eating decisions through in-class activities
  • promoting and nurturing life-long healthy eating habits

Community Learning

Community Kitchen

Goal - To provide a positive experience that promotes good nutrition, economical food choices, encourages self-sufficiency, builds skills, and is accessible to all

For centuries, human beings have been coming together around food. In this workshop, we'll revisit the magic of the family meal and explore ways in which we can eat together more often, despite our busy schedules.

Workshops will review key information on nutrition, hygiene, economical shopping and cooking techniques.  Everyone will be provided with a cooking experience and the opportunity to take home a healthy meal to share with their family.  We'll also peek inside a school lunch box and visit a supermarket to learn about ways in which we can make healthier choices for the whole family.

Adults and youth will participate in the cultivation of food in a Community Garden.  They will learn how to grow, care for, and prepare food at harvest time!

The goal is for participants to make healthy food choices, include the children in food preparations, and serve nutritious meals.  Sharing a meal with the family at least once a week not only feeds our body, it feeds our soul.

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