Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba, Inc.

Registered Name: Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba, Inc.

Business Number: 840864094RR0001

About Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba, Inc.

The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba is dedicated to helping school children learn, grow, and succeed by supporting breakfast, snack and lunch programs in schools and community organizations. We’re unique because we’re based in Manitoba – and all of the funds we raise stay in this province, reaching children in all regions of Manitoba.

Since 2001, the Council has supported nutrition programs and raised awareness about nutrition issues and the need for food and nutrition policies in schools. We’ve also helped guide decision-makers in developing food and health policies, becoming a recognized voice for issues regarding nutrition programs for school-age children in Manitoba. We are always working on new partnerships, research, and opportunities for programs.

Our Mission

Leadership in child nutrition for Manitoba school age children through education, funding, and promotion of best practices.

Your Donation - Building Commitment

Your donation to the Council will help provide children in Manitoban schools and community organizations with healthy meals and snacks - but that's not all. Every nutrition program is also a safe space where kids can find encouragement, get to know friendly adults, learn about nutrition, gain food skills and volunteer credits, and come together with other kids of various ages and backgrounds. 

It doesn't take much to make a difference. Take a look at the cost of providing a meal below. Differences in cost reflect the variation in food prices across Manitoba, from city centres to fly-in communities.

  • One breakfast (3 food groups): $1.00 - $1.30
  • One snack (2 food groups): $0.55 - $0.65
  • One vegetable & fruit snack: $0.40 - $0.45
  • One lunch (3 food groups): $2.00

About Our Donation Options

When you make a donation to the Council using CanadaHelps, you have one or two options (depending on the time of year!). Both options will allow you to support Manitoban children.

Nutrition Programs Fund:

Your dollars will go directly to Manitoban nutrition programs and will be used primarily for purchasing food. A small percentage of funding to programs may also be used to purchase equipment (fridge, toaster, blender, etc) or supplies (soap, reusable bowls/cups/cutlery, etc).

Stone Soup:

A Stone Soup fund option will be available every year between mid December and early March. All donations made to the Council through Stone Soup support Manitoban nutrition programs just as they always do, but as a special thank you donors also get to have lunch with us at our annual Stone Soup fundraiser in March! Please bring a copy of your confirmation email to sign in at Stone Soup.

What People Are Saying

"Providing a healthy meal benefits our students in so many ways. In addition to providing all students the opportunity of a healthy meal, they can share a meal together, bringing the diversity in our building to one common area where there is a positive and interactive environment"

— CNCM Nutrition Program

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