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ICEP Sponsorship

ICEP is a school located in the rural community of Lagossette, Haiti with a vision to develop Christian leaders who will bring transformation to Haiti and beyond. ICEP currently provides a free, quality Christian education to 300+ students. The government in Haiti provides no funds for education so it is up to us to raise all funds needed to send these children to school. These funds cover everything from teacher salary, school curriculum, uniforms, school supplies, hot meals, and more. 

As ICEP transforms education in our rural region, we believe community interaction is a key component to its success.We desire that our students understand how unique and valuable their individual life is and how they complement their brothers and sisters in Christ. As an ICEP Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to get to know individual students and encourage the collective growth of the next generation of transformative leaders.

As an ICEP Sponsor, you commit to giving a monthly gift of $40 or $500 annually. You can cover the cost of one student, two students or as many as you are able! Each class requires 30 sponsors in order to be fully sponsored.

You will receive quarterly updates that will include: individual student stories, progress reports and way in which you can be lifting them up in prayer. Your sponsorship will also help provide daily meals, a Christ-centered education, school supplies, caring teachers and a safe space to learn and grow.

Would you prayerfully consider investing in the education of students at ICEP? If you have any questions about ICEP Sponsorship or want to learn more, please connect with our ICEP sponsorship team at  **Please leave us your email so we know where to send the updates.

Thank you for your investment in the future leaders of Haiti!