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Romanian National Directors

A Romanian couple, Chris and Alinda Rusu came to Canada 20 years ago to make a life for their family.  Both husband and wife were university educated and held high level positions, earning a good living.  But Christ saved them and changed their whole direction in life. No longer are they chasing the dollar.  Now they are following God's leading to go back to Romania and serve Him through Father's House International.  They come with a wealth of experience in marriage counseling, prayer and healing. Their ministry is vital for children who have been neglected and abandoned before coming to our Father's Houses.  Alinda will be able to share and care for our moms who raise these children and teens day in and day out.  She is mother to two grown children (and grandchildren!), and two teen boys. We are excited about the solid, spiritual and emotional support this couple can provide for our Father's House parents. We invite you to participate in their life and service by contributing monthly toward their support.

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