Chisholm Foundation for Children


Business Number: 835398405RR0001

Our Mission

Chisholm Foundation for Children was established to assist Chisholm Services for Children, a registered Canadian charity, in its mission of providing care and support, including residential care, to children in need by offering financial and other support to Chisholm Services for Children which includes providing and maintaining homes for this purpose.

About Chisholm Foundation for Children

With the provision of residential facilities, Chisholm Foundation for Children provides Chisholm Services for Children a place for children 12 and younger to live and grow in a therapeutic envirnoment.

Chisholm Services for Children with this support is is the only non-profit organization in Central Nova Scotia offering a long-term care program, which specializes in early intervention. Chisholm is dedicated to guiding children who face severe adverse circumstances like neglect and abuse, to a realization of self-worth.

Chisholm helps children develop skills and capacities to function successfully in a community setting and grow as healthy, stable individuals.

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