Chocolate Bar Mission International

Registered Name: Chocolate Bar Mission

Business Number: 815793815RR0001

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping Latino people escape a life of poverty and dependence.

Our Motto

God's love in action

Our Strategies

Five major initiatives are:

1. One Special Night for One Special People, a Christmas eve dinner outreach to the homeless and needy.

2. Laura's Homes of New Beginnings, transition shelters for different disadvantaged groups of people.

3. Water for Life Filter Systems, ceramic filter system for clean drinking water

4. Safe Cooking Solar Ovens, maintenance free solar ovens for cooking, baking and dehydrating.

5. Foundation Seminars, 2 week leadership development courses on faith, work, communication, family and learning.

In 2006 Laura Lozano and Bob Hutchings started a dream to serve God and help impoverished people.

We started small and did what we could. We provided a Christmas Eve dinner to people living in cardboard boxes alone and hungry. We brought shoes donated by a Canadian business. We brought container loads of clothes with the help of an international aid agency. We provided toys after an earthquake to hundreds of children with the help of a church in Abbotsford. We had big dreams but we wanted to do more. We sought charity status for three and a half years but had too many ideas. Narrow your focus we were told. We did.

In 2010 official charity status was granted by the Canadian Government.

Now we have five strategies for helping impoverished people. We offer clean drinking water with an amazing and simple water filter system. We offer safe cooking with a lifetime free solar oven. We offer transition shelters for people in emergency need. On Christmas Eve we share the love of God in action with hundreds of dinners. Lastly we are developing five leadership development courses each with fundamental teachings on faith, work, communication, family and learning.

We continue to this day showing God's love in action, helping Latino people escape a life of poverty and dependence.

Join us. Help us. Please.

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