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Chocolate Bar Mission International

Registered Name: Chocolate Bar Mission

Business Number: 815793815RR0001

One Special Night Christmas Eve dinners

Campaign Ended Dec. 15, 2018

Since 2006 we have served thousands of Christmas Eve dinner to homeless and needy men, women and children. We share the love of God in action with a gift of a Christmas dinner for those who have no Christmas in a developing country.

Why Christmas Eve?

God demonstrated His own love by sending His Son and we honor this example by giving our time on this most important evening. This is a high impact time to demonstrate a Father's love for His children no matter who they are.

Why only one special night?

This point of contact provides many opportunities for ministry throughout the year and is an access point for Laura's Homes of New Beginnings. Every person is special regardless of material wealth, status or education. You matter to God and so does every person we are called to love.

Thank you very much for your help this Christmas.

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