Choeur Adleisia

Registered Name: Choeur Adleisia

Business Number: 707170114RR0001

Choeur Adleisia: Connect, Challenge, and Inspire

Choeur Adleisia is an award-winning advanced, bilingual, upper-voice chamber choir from Montréal, Québec. Formed in January 2015, the choir is comprised of a diverse group of singers from a variety of musical and non-musical backgrounds including filmmaking, education, political science, and music performance. Amelia McMahon and Virginie Pacheco share the artistic direction and are committed to creating programs that celebrate Canadian music. In 2019, Choeur Adleisia was awarded first prize in the Equal-Voice Women’s Choirs category from the National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs and won Best Performance of a French-Canadian work (Terre-Neuve by composer-in-residence Marie-Claire Saindon). The choir has recently recorded their debut album, which is available as of November 2019 in digital format through their website,, or at

What People Are Saying

"I had never been so enveloped by so many beautiful, natural, and authentic voices in my entire life. The voices sounded clear, free, open, warm, and confident. I thought to myself, where does this sound come from? How blessed I am to be here and to be able to be wrapped up by this sound. "

— Audience member

"I was very impressed that the choir memorized their songs. It enabled an ability for me as the audience to interact with the performers. To know that they were being authentic, real and communicating right to me."

— Audience member

"What I never realized I was missing was a singing community, a place to bring my voice and turn it into something else. Not to say that I could no longer be a soloist, but suddenly, I could be both."

— Chorister

"I am part of Adleisia to make music and create joy and happiness for me and for others. This choir is a high quality, high achieving wonderful environment that pushes as all to be the best musicians/singers that we can be, while encompassing everyone’s diverse skills and backgrounds. I love it!"

— Chorister

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