Choral Canada

Registered Name: Choral Canada/Canada Choral

Business Number: 849931233RR0001

Founded in 1980, Choral Canada (formerly known as the Association of Canadian Choral Communities/Association des communautés chorales canadiennes (ACCC) is Canada's only non-profit professional service organization for choral musicians and administrators. A national voice for over 1100 conductors, a network of 42,000 singers, and with a broad membership of choral composers, choristers, publishers and administrators, Choral Canada promotes its art form at all levels throughout Canada, and supports and encourages the writing and performance of Canadian choral music. 

Mission Statement: Choral Canada exists to celebrate and champion choral music for all Canadians. 

Advocacy Statement: Choral singing, an integral part of the Canadian cultural experience, has the power to build communities and transform lives. 

The aims of Choral Canada are: 

- To support and encourage participation and excellence in choral music at all levels by offering training, resources, and forums for the exchange of information

- Foster the creation and performance of Canadian choral music

- Partner with like-minded organizations to create a higher profile for choral music at the provincial, national, and international levels

- Help make choral singing available and accessible to all Canadians

Through its programs and services, which include the Podium biennial national choral conference, the National Youth Choir of Canada, and Canada’s national choral journal, Anacrusis, Choral Canada is a communication, professional development and advocacy forum for choral communities across the country. Choral Canada is the liaison between the Canadian choral community, other national organizations and a vast international choral network and is the entry point for information about international choral events, festivals and educational opportunities. 

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