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Emergency Accomodation in Port Colborne


Business No: 118857960RR0001

Emergency Accomodation in Port Colborne

We have a project to use a part of our church building to open a shelter, to hunt people who need emergency housing. we did a lot of work and we are almost finished.

We plan to open within 60 days if we meet all the requirements

We had a meeting with Port Colborne (city wall) building department, fire department and the architect who is working to present all plan and submit them officially.

That meeting happens within Christianview fellowship building for our shelter project, which is accepted by the building departments, we can have up 20 bunks beds for 40 peoples.

Now The only things we need to be done to meet the requirements is:

  • Fire separation to the ceiling, Basement and second floor
  • Add more smoke and monoxide carbon detector in the Gym
  • Architect fees

The estimation of all works is evaluating up to $18000. We have about 4500 sqft to cover.

Would you please transfer this message to anyone in case someone can either help us with?

fund, materials or labels.

fire resistant drywall Fire Code X 5/8 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft., drywall plasters, compound…

thankyou for helping us to spread the good news and continue helping people. Please keep us in your prayers